WooCommerce Dropshipping Guide for 2020: All the Ins and Outs

The term dropshipping has become more popular as it enables prospective online store owners to make sells without having to carry inventory and partly because the process of setting up an online store is easy . You can have this type of store by launching a WooCommerce dropshipping store .

If you are new to the concept , we will attempt to explain how WooCommerce works  (read our WooCommerce review ) and how it can be linked with popular dropshipping plugins offered by the market . We also recommend that you check our complete guide as well as the definition of dropshipping . This will give you a deeper insight on how this business model works and you will be able to start your online dropshipping company with ease.

Dropshipping and WooCommerce

Before we explore the methods you can use to create a functional dropshipping website using WooCommerce , let’s start with the fundamentals .  Dropshipping is a selling process that utilizes dropshipping suppliers globally . These suppliers will produce and store the products that you may want to sell to your intended customers .

Once a customer has completed a purchase , the dropshipping service will inform your dropshipping supplier automatically . The supplier will then start processing the sale on your behalf . This greatly simplifies the activities and process needed in running a digital store as there is no need to store products in a warehouse .

WooCommerce is among the best tools available that can be used to create an perfect online store . It has diverse features which are focused on the betterment of services small business owners streamlined . Having the correct WooCommerce tools , you can design a dropshipping that is flexible , scalable and versatile .

WooCommerce being a WordPress plugin ensures that you get the benefits of WordPress store which includes attaining access to Google search optimization features  , other extensions compatible to WordPress among other benefits .

Despite the fact that dropshipping has risen to be a popular way that can be used to sell today , it does not imply that it is free from challenges . To make it easier for you to earn profits and make enhancements to your dropshipping store , It will be important you learn how to make use of WooCommerce dropshipping plugins correctly .

What are the Tools You Need for WooCommerce Dropshipping?

There will be variations with individual dropshipping configurations. For example, some dropshippers will see it appropriate to use plugins that links AliExpress to their stores  (Which is a leader for shipping ePacket products from China to other parts of the world).

Other companies are from Europe and US, this means that you are highly likely to get suitable shipping time solutions like Spocket .  You also might realize that you want to sell high-end products or print your personalized designs both of which will need different plugins and dropshipping services.

Havining sais that , below is a general setup that would be required to launch your dropshipping store :

  • WordPress
  • Quality hosting (SiteGround is the recommended solutions)
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • A WooCommerce plugin that is compatible for dropshipping.

What type of Dropshipping plugin?

There are many plugins that exist for dropshipping .  Some of these plugins will only work on specified platforms . For example , Oberlo only works with shopify. However , there are a number of plugins that work with WooCommerce and evaluate them .

A WooCommerce dropshipping plugin is responsible for links your online store and offers the market place products for you to select the desired products and synchronize them with your store . Having good eCommerce plugins eliminates the need to contact suppliers in a direct manner . This reduces time that would have been spent making phone calls or sending emails .  At times , these plugins have reviews and rating for merchants giving you pace of mind when choosing products .

The best dropshipping plugins retrieves all product information from suppliers unto an individual website posted as product pages.  If the item price changes or the items are out of stock,  your store will be updated instantly with this new data . Further, you can send orders to the suppliers automatically when making a purchase using your online store.

Some Quality WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

As explained above , there are numerous plugins that are in existence for dropshipping using WooCommerce  (Read our reviews  , WooCommerce review).

  • Here is a list of our best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins , based on what you may want to accomplish with you store :

Alidropship , WooDropship , and Dropified?

If you lack a clue on where to start from ,  here are some of the best dropshipping plugins that you may consider for your WooCommerce store .

  1. AliDropship– This plugin is premium and will link you’re your store with AliExpress.  This is among the best values available in the market , this is in consideration that you will enjoy incredible features at reduced prices . The most interesting fact about AliFropship is that you can build your store from scratch or you can simply extend it using Alidropship . Another option is to pay AliDropship company for them to create your website. The prices for the customized sites wil start at $299 while he plugin will go for $89.
  2. SaleHoo– You can find valuable expensive products shipped from US and EU by using this plugin . However , you will have to contact the suppliers personally as they do not have WooCommerce plugin (rumors have it that plugins to cater for this is under development ).
  3. Spocket– This is the best plugin when in need of high-end products shipped from US and EU. Spocket should be considered for customers who require fast shipping times and are within these areas. The monthly charges will elevate as your online store grows. Despite this, Spocket has a reputation of making a business grow and earn more as it offers the needed tips and resources .
  4. Printful or printify – These two share similar names and functions .They both offer dropshipping for products that are custom made . They work by a buyer inserting their customized designs example a design for a t-shirt , the plugin will then submit the orders to initiate automated printing and shipping whenever a purchase is made from your store . This type of dropshipping can have low margins but it ensures delivery of unique products .
  5. me or WooDropship– Both of these plugins will connect you to AliExpress marketplace to get suppliers and instantly availing your chosen products to your store. Both of them are compatible with WooCommerce.  Further, the Dropship.m will avail to you product names and prescriptions that have been pre-edited(this is a good thing as AliExpress is known to copy and it will look like a kids handwriting . Also, note that AliExpress dropshipping uses Chinese suppliers –this makes shipping to take some time . Obrlo is our favorite app for AliExpress dropshipping despite this , they are yet to develop a WooCommerce plugin (Shopify only)
  6. Dropified– This plugin works buy integrating with other tools such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Its price starts at $47 monthly and it supports up to 15,000 products. To cushion you from wasting time in getting the best supplier , the items will be curated and presented .
  7. WooDropship– It is a viable premium plugin you can use to create upcoming dropshipping website on WooCommerce . It also has a free plan which is suitable for getting you started .The tier that follows is $14.99 monthly and can import up to 3000 distinct products .The source for this plugin is AliExpress having compelling features such as customizable price rules and inventory syncing .
  8. WooCommerce Dropshipping – This WooCommerce extension is not advisable unless you wish to source your own suppliers without using  the automated dropshipping plugin and the marketplace . You should choose this plugin if you intend to partner with suppliers manually and sending the orders automatically . It alleviates the ability to search for products and suppliers online.
  9. Modalyst – This is our most recommended for higher-end products , despite this , it lacks a WooCommerce app .

If you have interest, check the complete list of dropshippers that you can use to choose from.  It is important to find a dropshipper that suits your chosen ecommerce platform because the list is not exclusively for WooCommerce dropshippers.

WooCommerce Dropshipping: Before you Begin

For all the methods highlighted below . the following steps are necessary before you can configure your dropshipping plugin :

  1. Find a reliable hosting platform
  2. Proceed to install WordPress on the host. Here are  details on how to install WordPress.
  3. Next is to install WooCommerce plugin on WordPress.
  4. Next is to search for WooCommerce theme preferred to make your website meet the standards of a online store . Browse themes freely here . Free ecommerce and premium themes here .

Finding and Setting up the Right Host

It is important to use the best host when setting up an ecommerce store . Not only will your server protect customers but it also avails your website clearly and quickly to potential customers .  Other factors such as maintenance , security and support service are crucial to the quality of the hosing service . That is the reason we need to tackle how to find a host that is perfect for your company needs.

There are multiple hosts that you can search from , but presently we are recommending WooCommerce hosting solution offered by SiteGround . It is a managed hosting plan that offers affordable plans abd great option for the purpose of launching and maintaining your online store using WooCommerce .

Below are procedures taken when configuring your WooCommerce hosting using SiteGround .

Create a SiteGround  Account

Visit SiteGround WooCommerce page and check all the available plans .  The startup plan works well with small companies but it is important to note that your online store will grow, and you will need to upgrade . Read through the features offered by each plan .Then , choose the most suitable one to you . As mentioned earlier on , you can upgrade the plan when the need arises .

Creating Siteground account
Creating Siteground account

Fill in the required information and payment details in your hosting platform .After that, SiteGround will take you through the whole process of Installing WooCommerce and WordPress. This process does not require a developer to do the installation for you.

Siteground Hosting for WooCommerce and WordPress
Siteground Hosting for WooCommerce and WordPress

The next step will be to inform them that you wish to set up a new website and WooCommerce should be installed onto it. This will imply that you would need WordPress so there is no need to click on that.

Siteground hosting : Installing WordPress and WooCommerce
Siteground hosting : Installing WordPress and WooCommerce

Setting Up Your Payments

An amazing fact about WooCommerce today is that it has an great setup guide to ensure that all information needed is filled in .This feature was not available in the past, So, using WooCommerce looks more easy.

There are two primary options for payment in the initial setup which you can select from: These are PayPal and Stripe. You can choose any of them or use both.  If you lack Stripe account,.  You will also be able to choose an option that allows for offline payments such as cash and checks.

Always note that WooCommerce accepts a wide range of other payment gateways. You will wait then go to dashboard to have them installed. For instance, you may choose solutions such as Square or Amazon Pay.

WooCommerce Payment gateways
WooCommerce Payment gateways

There are other things that must be installed in WooCommerce but that is mostly covered in our detailed WooCommerce Installation guide. Some areas to keep in mind include taxes and shipping costs.

Method 1: WooCommerce Dropshipping with Spocket

WooCommerce dropshipping with Spocket
WooCommerce dropshipping with Spocket

As discussed earlier, Spocket finds suppliers within the regions of US and EU to ensure shipping to these places is faster. It offers good pricing and an impressive price selection. Start by registering for an account at Spocket.com.

Use your WordPress plugin to add Spocket plugin.

Spoket plugin
Spoket plugin

To find My Shop button in the menu, simply go back to your Spocket account.

Spocket plugin : My shop
Spocket plugin : My shop

Click on WooComerce, then copy the Site ID to your clipboard.

WooCommerce online store : Copypasting site ID
WooCommerce online store : Copypasting site ID

In WordPress, Visit settings > Spocket, then paste your store ID link to Spocket. Bear in mind, that you may be required to install SLL certificate on your store if you do not have one in place.

Wordpress website . Pasting store ID
WordPress website . Pasting store ID

Now, here is the interesting part, Go back to Spocket and search for filtering categories or keywords

Spoket : Search/filtering
Spoket : Search/filtering

Check more information relating to product, then click Add to Import List button when you find what you like.

Spocket product information
Spocket product information

Next click on Import List tab in Spocket. Then click on the push to Store Button for any item you wish for.

Spocket : Import list tab
Spocket online store : Import list tab

After carrying out that simple process, you will be able to see the product in your list of WooCommerce products.

Products list
Products list

Method 2: WooCommerce Dropshipping with Dropship.me

A number of WooCommerce Dropshipping plugins will link you with the large AliExpress marketplace. The platform has similarities to Amazon, except it focuses on finding Chinese supplier and manufactures who are willing to dropship rather than focusing on wholesale.  Other plugins you can try include WooDropship . AliDropship . But we will explain the method used with Dropship.me. This is because it provides an excellent interface, pre-edited product information and a free plan that accommodates up to 50 products.

Let’s get started!

We will assume you have already installed Hosting, WordPress and WooCommerce.

So, the first step will be to go to Dropship.me website. Once here click on Get Free plugin button. Next, type your email id to see the page where you will download the plugin. Ensure to copy the relevant API key as well.


After downloading the plugin, navigate the backend section of WordPress website. Go to Plugins> Add New > Upload Plugin. Then choose the Dropship.me plugin file and upload to dashboard. Ensure the plugin is activated properly .

Adding dropship.me plugin
Adding dropship.me plugin


After the plugin has been activated, you are required to activate your Dropship.me account and link it to your store . Navigate to the Dropship.me tab in WordPress and lastly click on Activation .

Activate dropship.me plugin
Activate dropship.me plugin

This will request you for an API Key. The key can be found at Dropship.me page that reflected when you inserted your email.

Dropship.me : API Key
Dropship.me : API Key

After activating it fully, you will need to initiate product importation. Visit Dropship Me> Import products. You can choose to select more products and do an account upgrade it you wish.

WordPress . Import products
WordPress . Import products

The WordPress dashboard shows all the products and suppliers.  You can use the filter to check out some categories and specific items you wish to sell. Once you find what you are looking for, click on the import button for it to be posted to your store.

WordPress:Importing products
WordPress:Importing products

You may be required to set the product as a specified category to have it visible on your homepage or in another gallery. Regardless, the items must be reflected in your product list.

Do not forget to check all the information on product before you can import . The plugin makes it possible for you to check information such as supplier rating , pricing  and the images .

Checking product information
Checking product information

Delivering the Best Shopping Experience

The current business world allows for small business owners to exploit multiple platforms for them to be able to establish valuable dropshipping business choices online. By using WooCommerce to create your WordPress site and get the best support using good plugins, you can get things rolling within a short spun of time.

After getting a reliable Aliexpress supplier and then displaying the products on your website in CSV, either in PDF or automated, it is important to note that your work has just started. Having the required plugins and tools to support sales in your dropshipping website is not enough.

With the increasing competitive nature and growth in the e-commerce business industry, it is important to find a way to separate your business from the competition. In most cases, if you can avoid competition by focusing on factors such as customer experience. This implies that your WooCommerce website is able to offer the following:

  • Multiple payment options: Select a checkpoint process that enables your customers to choose the best payment option they prefer.
  • Convenient order tracking: Because dropshipping orders can take some time before they are delivered, having a tracking number is important as it enables customers to track their orders. Also, using order notification or email notification is advisable as it shows customers the location of their products.
  • Exceptional customer support: The same way you will require customer support from your hosting service provider and the dropshipping companies to work well, your customers will require to have an excellent support. Ensure to have plugins on things such as live chat, email if you are able to do so.
  • An easy-to-use website: Select a dropshipping plugin and WooCommerce set-up that makes it easy for customers to be able to search products offered at you ecommerce website without facing challenges.
  • Extra features: Think of a feature that will make things easy for you and your customers. An example will be whether an image editor on your site makes processes such as dropshipping to match the company professionalism. Would it be a good idea to have dropshipping service that does packing slips automatically for items purchased having your company branding.

Coming up with the best dropshipping business with WooCommerce is not as  simple as it seems. You need to take time to choose what will work best for you and not your company putting the customers into consideration as well.

A good thing is that the nature of WordPress being an open source platform makes it easy for business owners to tailor their website to the customers liking. It is also possible to enhance and update the design of your website in a manner that enables you learn more about your clients.

You have plenty of possibilities

We will not cover every WooCommerce dropshipping plugin . Despite this, we encourage you to try out some of the options we had  highlighted earlier on.  You will not only realize that they have different interfaces but some may be more suited for your business. In addition, most of the dropshipping plugins have similar installation process . For example, the Printful plugin requires you to register an account and add the Printful plugin. You will then be required to link your store with Printful account. After this is done, you will be in a position to upload your own designs and synchronize with your WooCommerce store .

WooCommerce dropshipping is preferred as it offers power and flexibility giving you a chance to power with thousands of suppliers  .In addition , dropshipping business can be profitable if you quit yourself with industry trends and tips . Yes, there are some disadvantages to dropshipping (it lacks quality assessment and control) but it also has numerous advantages (like no need to stock inventory).

Kindly let us know by using the comment section below If you would like any assistance on questions relating to WooCommerce.

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