How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hosting Services in 2020

Web hosting is a concept often overlooked despite its key role in the success of any website.  Being able to choose the best WordPress hosting is crucial as it increases sales and improves SEO. There are multiple types of WordPress hosting option available. These option include; Dedicated, Free Shard VPS and managed WordPress hosting. This guide will make it possible for you to choose the best WordPress hosting service for your website.

WPBeginner ranks as the largest free WordPress resource site that receives high millions of page views monthly. By helping more that 200,000+ users and the many years of experience working with WordPress hosting, we understand the importance of choosing the best WordPress hosting company.

Our aim in providing this guide is to help you understand the consideration when choosing the best hosting company for your business and company having had 12+ years of experience.

To assist you make the right choice, we have conducted a side-by-side comparison of the leading WordPress hosting companies which includes up-time tests, speed tests and reliability tests. Scroll below to see the entire comparison.

If in a hurry to choose, simply view the table below which has selected list of the leading WordPress hosting companies.  The companies have maintained their positions as the top WordPress Hosting companies in the industry basing on both service delivery and quality.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Web Hosting Services in 2020

Web Hosting – Bluehost

Bluehost : best WordPress hosting
Bluehost : best WordPress hosting

The company was founded in 1996 and hard risen to become the largest brand name in the field of WordPress hosting. The company reputation makes it as the most recommended ‘WordPress’ hosting service provider. Bluehost does not present problems such as slow website even during high traffic. They also have an excellent team of 24/7 expert support which can be accessed instantly either by email, live chat or by phone. The company has accolades for the best Web hosting service provider for small businesses. In addition, the company offers WPBeginner users a 63% discount, Free SSL , Free Domain , and a free SiteBuilder having templates .

Link for registration: Bluehost

Website Hosting – SiteGround

Siteground web hosting
Siteground web hosting

SiteGround is among the most popular and a higher rate hosting service providers dealing with WordPress . The company provide services that are unique , in-house WordPress security and speed solutions to make your website secure and fast . The company has a reputation of having he best 24/7 customer support platform which makes them the official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. This is the reason why SiteGround is used in WPBeginner website. Features associated with SiteGrond include built-in WP caching , GIT version control . automatic updates , one-click staging and CDN. The company is also one of the few which offers specific hosting having 3 data centers in Asia , Europe and US . They also have a special offer which givers WPBeginners up to 70%discount .

Link for registration: Siteground

Website Hosting Service – HostGater

HostGator has around 8 million domains and is one of the most famous hosting providers in the industry. Just 1-click WordPress installation, 99.9% up time guarantee, and 24/7 support, it’s a very good choice for each page owner. We consider them one of the best web hosting for businesses. They’re offering our readers an exclusive 62% off discount, a free domain name, and free SSL certificate.

Hostgater WordPress hosting
Hostgater WordPress hosting

Link for registration: Hostgator

WordPress Hosting – DreamHost

This company hosts up to 8 million domains and ranks as the most popular in the web hosting industry. It has 1-click WordPress installation , 24/7 customer support , 99.9% up time guarantee . It is a recommended choice as the best web hosting service for businesses . Readers of this blog will get upto 62% discount , a free SSL certificate ad free domain name.

 Dream host web hosting
Dream host web hosting

Link for registration: Dreamhost

This company has been in existence for over 18 years and is famous for making web hosting an easy process. It provides you with 1-click WordPress installation, custom dashboard, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited space, free SSDs, and unlimited bandwidth which makes a website 200% faster. DreamHost covers up to 600,000 blogs and websites. They do not charge setup fee and also offer a free domain.

Hosting Companie – GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks web hosting
GreenGeeks web hosting

GreenGeeks is a reputable brand associated with WordPress hosting industry as it provides fast performance to websites. The company has a 24/7 hour US. Based customer support and provides a platform that is environmental friendly. The best part about this platforms is that it provides a 1-click WordPress install, enhanced security , managed updates , free site migration , free CDN and offers a choice of over 500,000 customers and websites actively subscribed . In addition, they have a special offer of which gives users a 60% discount for WPBeginners readers combined with a free domain name and an SSL.

Link for registration: GreenGeeks

Detailed Web Hosting Performance Comparison is among the most trusted WordPress resource website because our reviews are factual and based on real customer experience and data.

We are different when compared to other websites that offer WordPress hosting as most of them use false information attained from different platforms. We have signed up with individual WordPress hosting service providers and vetted their services.

To measure performance, we use the services of third-party tools of Siteground to get reliable results for these companies.  So we are in a better position to recommend the best WordPress hosting services for any type of business.

To attain accurate results on performance across different WordPress hosting companies, we usually start by creating individual sample WordPress websites on each hosting provider . The next step taken will be to install  up to twenty seven  default themes . The preceding step will be to import dummy content that will include media and images to make our test to resemble a functional user website.

After that , we integrate Pingdom , it is a popular site that test a website speed to measure the sample website performance when working on different hosting companies .

Load impact is also crucial when sending virtual users to the websites for evaluating how the  hosting server is capable of handling elevated requests from different connections  simultaneously . This information will assist as to measure the performance of individual  WordPress hosting  companies and how they compete during peak times.

Lastly , we incorporate data from Bitcatacha to test the response time of a sever across different geographical location such as ; London , India , United States , Sydney , Japan ,and Sao Paulo .  The data collected will determine which hosting company works best for different geographical regions.

Now that you have learnt the testing process we use , let’s now do a performance comparison of the company providing unrivalled  WordPress hosting to determine the fastest and reliable WordPress hosting company in the market .

Bluehost Website Hosting

Bluehost is among the biggest hosting companies globally, the company is among the official WordPress hosting providers. They offer hosting packages that have pre-installed WordPress on default.

Below are bluehost test results we measure on performance.

Bluehost WordPress hosting performance
Bluehost WordPress hosting performance

From the image above , it is evident that our site used less than two seconds to load . That’s faster compared to 85% of all the websites that were tested .  This speed is impressive having in mind that our sample did not use speed optimization tips or caching plugins tips .

After performing the speed test, we evaluated Bluehost serves by performing Load impact test. We created 100 unique visitors simultaneously to check how the server would rate with increased requests coming from multiple connections at the same time.

Below is a screenshot of the results .

Bluehost load impact test
Bluehost load impact test

The blue line represents the number of actual virtual users on the website  while the green line represents the server load time .  As observed above , the server load time was stable during the test even when there was peak traffic.

After performing the load impact test ,  we tested more on accurate server response  from different parts of the globe using Bitcatcha .

Bluehost hosting server response time
Bluehost hosting server response time

Bluehost server was seen to perform  very well in the United states  with load-time being a fraction of a second . Other geographical locations had a higher response time though it was still under a second .

Your website would benefit more if the target audience comes from the United States .

Our compressive Bluehost review also covers the customer support team, pricing and features. After performing our analysis, we ranked Bluehost as the number one WordPress hosting solution for small business to make a website with.

  • PROS: offers 63% discount on hosting + Free SSL(https:// included) + Free Domain
  • PROS: It is officially acknowledged and recommended by WordPress
  • Pros: Free staging site
  • Cons: Occasionally , support team may be slow

Get stared with Bluehost

SiteGround Web Hosting Services

SiteGround ranks as one of the highly used WordPress hosting provider. They have plans that are tailored for WordPress having unique in-house security solutions and speed. This features makes it to be an official WordPress recommended hosting service provider .

Note: WPBeginner website is also hosted using SiteGround Enterprise servers and we appreciate their support .

Below are SiteGrounds results after running a performance test :

Siteground hosting server performance
Siteground hosting server performance

From the results above, it is evident that the site load time was less than a second (649 ms to be precise) for servers in regions such as Texas and Dallas. This has the implication that our site performance will be 95% faster for the websites tested .

The next test  we carried out was the Load impact test on SiteGround servers .  In this test , we built about 100 unique visitors at the same time  to measure how the server would work with increased requests coming from multiple connections simultaneously .

Siteground web hosting load impact test
Siteground web hosting load impact test

The blue line gives a representation of active virtual users using the website . The green line is a reflection of the server load time . The results show that SiteGround performance was impressive except there was a spike at the point where there were about 50 users on the site. The site recovered fast and page load time went down even as more users joined .

After performing the load impact test, we exploited Bitcatcha to come up with a more detailed report on server response attained from different geographical areas.

Siteground website hosting server response time
Siteground website hosting server response time

Test performed on  SiteGround server performed well in regions from Unites States and all other areas under study  with an exception of japan .

With this results , it would imply that those who’s site have an audience in Asia-Pacific will have to ask SiteGround to relocate them to servers within that region to rectify the problem .

From our detailed review of SiteGround , we did an evaluation of pricing , customer support and features . After the analysis , we realized that SiteGround is a great place for beginners as they have the best support team .

  • PROS: It has the best WordPress support  , fast speed , free SSL and good uptime.
  • PROS: Has multiple datacenters globally
  • PROS: Site migration is free
  • CONS: No free domain.

Get started with SiteGround

HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator web hosting popularity comes from the fact that it hosts more than 8 million domains . Just as Bluehost , there WordPress hosting services are specialized .

Below is a representation of results on tests performance on HostGator:

Hostgater website hosting performance
Hostgater website hosting performance

The results show that the test site loaded under a second for severs within Texas and Dallas . This speed is faster when compared to 94% of all the sites tested . Having in mind that the test site did not use speed optimization tips or caching plugins , the speed observed was amazing .

But how will HostGater fair when there is increased traffic .

We performed a Load Impact test on HostGater servers where we used up to 100 unique visitors at once to establish how the server would handle increased connections at the same time

Hosgater WordPress hosting load impact test
Hosgater WordPress hosting load impact test

The blue line represents number of online users while the green line shows page load times . From the graph , it is evident that our site performance was exceptional when working with about 80 users upon which the performance started to drop .

These results were expected for shared hosting accounts because server resources are shared  with other sites hosted on the same server . As the site grows , it is important to elevate the managed WordPress hosting and VPS hosting .

After performing the load impact test , we then use Bitcatcha to come up with more accurate response time from the server attained from different geographical locations .

Hostgater server response time
Hostgater server response time

The HostGater review site showed good performance . The server response time was less than a second . It was exactly 37ms in the United States .

Our comprehensive review of HostGater also covered their customer support , pricing and available features . After conducting our analysis , we establishing that HostGater was the best option for growing business because the plans on offer allow for business growth .

PROS: Reliable and Fast having efficient support on 24/7 basis

PROS: WPBeginner website is hosted by HostGator

PROS: Cheap prices , intro and free migration

CONS: Has high renewal fees

Get started with HostGator

DreamHost WordPress Hosting Company

DreamHost has a reputation for reliability being in the web hosting industry for over 18 years. It offers one click installation. DreamHost is an official which is recommended hosting service provider.

Dreamhost web hosting performance
Dreamhost web hosting performance

Below are the results attained from DreamHost performance  tests:

From the results above , it is clear that DreamHost servers in New York had a loading time of less than a second . This is faster compared to 93% of the sites .
After conducting the speed test , we carried out the Load Impact test on DreamHost servers to establish how it will perform during peak traffic hours . As before , we generated 100 unique visitors at once to measure how the server would perform with increased requests coming from multiple connections at the same time .
Check the screenshot below

Dreamhost website hosting load impact test
Dreamhost website hosting load impact test

The blue line shows the number of virtual users on the site while the green line represents the server load time. The graph shows that the server load time maintained its stability during the test including during peak traffic.

Bitcatcha was used to come up with accurate server response time from different geographical locations.

dreamhost website hosting server response time
Dreamhost website hosting server response time

The load time performance for DreamHost was under one second in the U.S loading under a fraction of a second .There was slow performance in other locations .

In general DreamHost serves as reliable hosting service provider for websites operating from different parts of the globe .

From our comprehensive review of DreamHost , we did an evaluation of their features , customer support  and pricing . Our analysis establish that DreamHost was better for businesses that prioritize privacy. They provide free domain privacy to each of their domains . Recently , they have battled with the U.S. department of justice to foster customers privacy .

PROS: Has good speed free SSL , privacy protection ,  1-click WordPress install and free domain .

PROS: WordPress recommended it officially

PROS: Offer free web application plus firewall

CONS: Has an outdated hosting control panel.

Get Started with DreamHost

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Services

GreenGeeks has grown over the years to become a popular brand in WordPress hosting industry. It has environmental responsible platform and exhibits high performance .  Among their distinguished services is having a great 24/7 customer support through phone , email and live chat .

Below are the results attained from GreenGeeks hosting performance test.”

GreenGeeks website hosting company performance
GreenGeeks website hosting company performance

From the test result , the servers in  California and San Jose loaded in less than a second and was 94% faster compared to all the websites tested . The results of the test are impressive.

The test above measured load times when working with single users , we will then go ahead and measure GreenGeeks performance when working with multiple users at peak hours .

As before , we came up with 100 unique visitors at once to establish how their server would deal with increased requests coming from multiple connections at the same time .

GreenGeeks website hosting load impact results
GreenGeeks website hosting load impact results

The test results above are exceptional , this is because the website speed remained steady with increasing traffic .This is important as it shows GreenGeek is able to scale as your website grows .

After preforming the load impact test , we tested server response time using Bitcatcha , we measured different geographic regions as shown below on the image.

GreenGeeks load impact test results
GreenGeeks load impact test results

The response time from GreenGeeks from all locations was under a second .  The response time was observed to be higher in regions such as India and Asia Pacific.

The data attained is conclusive because GreenGeeks has five individual data centers that can be chosen. They are located in parts of Europe and United States.

For example , if most of your audience comes from Europe, North America and South America , then you will experience reliability and faster services using GreenGeeks . On the event that your target audience is outside these regions you might benefit from finding server locations close to these regions .

From our detailed GreenGeeks Hosting review , we also did an evaluation of pricing, features and customer service. Our analysis established that GreenGeek hosting was a great option for businesses focused on high-quality support and have preference to a company that is environmentally friendly .There plans grow alongside with business growth .

PROS: Great price , fast speed , Free SSL and free domain

PROS: Offers 30 day money back guarantee

PROS: Offers free site migration

CONS: Has higher renewal fee

Get started with GreenGeeks hosting

Best WordPress Hosting (Quick Recap)

Now that you have checked performance comparison of the highly rates WordPress hosting companies, it is time to choose which service is the best for your business.

Best companies for WordPress hosting 2020
Best companies for WordPress hosting 2020

To make it convenient for you , we have created a table which shows  a list of features side-by-side .This makes it easy to compare the WordPress hosting companies and determine the best .

In our detailed WordPress hosing review, we concluded that if you wished to start a blog, then Bluehost would be the ideal. They in fact offer you free SSL and domain at $2.75 per month is hard to compete with.

But honestly, you can never go wrong by using any of the listed top WordPress hosting companies discussed.  These websites all offer fast servers, great uptime, low prices and quality support team.

Wordsite Hosting FAQs

Having assisted more than 100,000+ users to successfully kickstart their websites, we have responded to multiple questions . Highlighted below are some of the recurring questions frequently asked by those interested in WordPress hosting .

Do I need WordPress hosting to start a website?

If you wish to set-up WordPress website, then it is important you secure web hosting, the website files will be stored at your hosting server . Every website that is online maximizes on a web hosting provider .

Are there any free WordPress Hosting providers ?

Yes , there are multiple companies that offer free website hosting , despite the availability of these service , we highly recommend that you shun them . In most instances , free WordPress hosting companies will add advertisements on your website . Your website might also be susceptible to malware or it may be shut down without any prior notice. Avoid any offers of free WordPress hosting, if you care about your web business. Check out 36 reasons why having a “free website” is a bad idea .

How much does it cost to build a WordPress site
The cost of building a WordPress website will be dependent on your needs. The cost can range from as little as $100 to as high as 30,000. We have a detailed guide that will explain the factors that determine the amount it would cost to set up WordPress website.

Do I need to have my domain and WordPress hosting from the same provider? .
It is not necessary ,  a domain can be purchased from a domain registrar such as domain GoDaddy , and and use one of the WordPress hosting services listed above .  However , you do not have a domain name , it would be easier for you to use the same provider (especially since most of them offer free hosting and domain).

Can I use these WordPress hosting providers for an eCommerce site?
Yes ,it is possible ,  All the WordPress hosting companies from our list of recommended hosting providers offer free SSL certificate which is necessary for one to successful run an eCommerce site . If you seek a specialized eCommerce web hosting , then it is important you view our comparison of the best WooCommerce hosting .

How to secure WordPress hosting account ?
Your website files will be stored on your web hosting account . So , it is key that you secure it . The best method to secure your WordPress account hosting is to have a strong password in place . Also , you should avoid login in from public locations with exceptions to when using a strong VPN . We also recommend that you follow our prescribed WordPress security guide to ensure your site is protected .

How do I install WordPress on my WordPress hosting account ?
Every WordPress hosting service provider that we have recommended comes with 1-click WordPress installation feature . You can check the step by step guide on WordPress installation guide on your host .

Do I need cPanel WordPress hosting ?
cPanel is a popular control panel used y most WordPress hosting companies . No , you do not need to have cPanel in place , though having it makes  everything easier when it comes to managing email accounts , installation ,etc.

How much traffic can these WordPress hosting companies handle ?
The WordPress hosting companies mentioned above are known to handle billions of impressions monthly . The amount of traffic that can be handled by your website is dependent on the WordPress hosting plan in place . Most plans that are the shared basis can cater for 1000 to 2000 visitors daily with ease as long as your website has been optimized for performance .

With the constant growth of  your website , your WordPress hosting provider may advice you to upgrade to either managed WordPress hosting or VPS hosting plans .

Can I switch my WordPress hosting provider later?
Yes , it is possible to switch your WordPress hosting provider if you are not satisfied with your current hosting company . Most WordPress hosting companies provide free migration services which makes the process to be smooth .  However , if you wish to personally conduct the migration , you can follow the step-by step guide on (Link) how to move WordPress to a new host with no downtime.

Does my WordPress hosting datacenter location matter?

Some of the WordPress hosting companies recommended earlier gives you an option to select a data center . Choosing the right location for your data center makes a huge difference on the performance of your website for a given geographic location.

For example, if majority of your audience are based in United States , then it is important to choose a data center in the U.S.  And when your audience is Europe based , then choose data center from Europe .

Also , if you are not sure about your audience  , I would recommend you choose a data center in the U.S for now ,. You can maximize WordPress CDN to increase  your sites speed on different geographic locations .

Should I purchase monthly WordPress hosting plans of commit long-term?
The payment plans offered by all web hosting platforms offer huge discounts for those who choose long-term plans . It is advisable to choose an option that caters for more than a month if you are serious about your website .

We discourage against monthly subscription as they are expensive costing about twice as much . It is better to choose a 12 month or 24 month hosting plan .

Do I need any WordPress hosting add-ons ?
In most cases, there will be a variety of services offered by WordPress hosting companies. Most these services are not necessarily essential when starting up.

Our recommendation is you uncheck everything in the order process, and make sure what you purchase is really necessary.

The WordPress hosting add-ons can still be purchased in future if the need arises.

Do WordPress hosting companies offer professional branded email address?

Yes, a majority of WordPress hosting companies will give you the capacity to design a free business email address. However, we would suggest you use Google App as it offers reliability, check out our step to step guide on how to setup professional email address with using Google apps (link)

Do these WordPress hosting companies offer website backups?
Yes, all WordPress hosting companies keep updates of your website on a daily basis. However, based on many years of experience, we recommend for users to install a WordPress backup plugin .This is to promote personal safety

Are there other WordPress hosting providers that are not listed here?
Yes , there are thousands of WordPress hosting companies that have not been listed here , also we can not list all of them as it would create choice paralysis and confusion to readers who have not tech background .

We have evaluated all the major WordPress hosting companies in the market including those not in our list such as : Flywheel, GoDaddy, InMotion Hosting A2 hosting ,Kinsta,Cloudways, LiquidWeb , Arvixe, iPage , Pantheon, Site5, JustHost , NameCheap , Hostinger , and many more .
Which are the best WordPress hosting companies in your opinion ?
The top three companies to choose for WordPress hosting are as follows :

  1. Bluehost – The overall leader in WordPress hosting
  2. SiteGround– Offers unrivalled WordPress support in the industry
  3. HostGater– Provides small business with the best WordPress hosting .

Note that the last question is of importance as we are still asked this question even after referring our users to this guide .

It is our hope that this guide was of benefit to you and assisted you select the recommended WordPress hosting for your website. You can send us a message at  contact form if we did not cover your query . Be assured to get a response in 24/7 hours’ time.

Need assistance in setting up your WordPress blog? Make use of our free WordPress blog setup tutorial.


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